Together with your team, we evaluate the requirements and conditions of your application.

You are the one who knows your business model, your customers, your markets and your products best.

We bring in our 40 years of know-how in implementation of customer-specific requirements in sustainable IT and electronics solutions.

We will discuss with you whether we can implement your ideas and whether there is enough “substance”.

Together with you, we will develop use cases and requirements based on your ideas. Together we will talk about digital business models and implementation options.

You will have the option of stopping your project at this point. In this case, you only incur manageable costs for the workshops carried out. In any case, you will receive a report on the result.

Our Workshop packages

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    Starter Workshop

    Do you have a vision?
    Together we evaluate whether this version is technically feasible.

    • Summary of your idea in a version sketch
    • Identification of the functional environment of your vision
    • Examination of the basic technical feasibility

    Result of the workshop:

    • Can your vision be implemented in a solution (feasibility)
    • Identification of the possible implementation variants
    • Documentation of key results (key findings)
    • Recommended procedure

    Costs (approx. ½ working day):
    Fixed price of € 950 – plus VAT (depending on the country)

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    Essential Workshop

    Identification and selection of all necessary factors and requirements.

    • Who? Identification of all parties involved (stakeholders)
    • What? Development of use cases
    • How? Definition of requirements (requirements & restrictions)

    Result of the workshop:

    • Identification of all essential system components (essential catalogs)
    • Documentation of the most important results (key findings)
    • Recommended further course of action

    Your time expenditure, approx. ½– 2 working days.

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    Kreativ Workshop

    Identification and selection of your technical realization variant.

    • Definition of functional processes
    • Selection of the technical realization variant (technical feasibility)
    • Paper prototyping, exploration of the “first marketable solution” (MVP: Minimum Viable Product)

    Result of the workshop:

    • Your wish list
    • Catalog of the various system functions and components
    • Definition of the “first marketable solution”

    Your time expenditure, approx. ½–2 working days.

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