Smart Home

Improved quality of life and living through networked sensors and remote-controlled systems. Increase security, ensure more energy-efficient living. Make your house alive and smarter!

Smart Assistance

Increase the quality of life and security of the most vulnerable members of our society.
Smart assistance systems help our elderly and disabled people to deal with everyday problems more easily and defuse dangerous situations.

Smart Devices

Yesterday a simple device thanks to IoT becomes a modern smart device.
Automatically opening garage doors, smart coffee machines, tools that document automatically. And much more!

Smart Industry

Your factory goes smart! Thanks to Industry 4.0, IoT sensors optimize their production and increase security. By improving their processes and production processes, as well as through automated documentation, IoT reduces your costs.

Smart Control

Zoos are controlling their cages with IoT. Corporations log containers on their business terrains. There are many fields of application: farmers, breeders, gardeners, campsites, holiday apartments, marinas. Everywhere there is a need for control, remote monitoring or location detection.

Smart Mobility

The mobility of the future; the focus in the modern city is on recording traffic volume and optimizing traffic flow. From the smart traffic light to the smart goods tracking system.

User Interface

Every IoT solution requires a smart user interface for administration. The design of a clear and efficient interface is an important component of an IoT development.

Smartphone Apps

Do you want to control your solution anytime, anywhere? Turn your smartphone into a smart remote control.

Cloud Managment

Smart IoT solutions have living infrastructures in the cloud. This must be monitored, checked and maintained at all times. If necessary, migrations or further developments are also necessary.

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