Do you need a blueprint of your digital business model?

Every successful project needs a solid foundation. You can only build a building on a stable foundation.

This also applies to the successful development of your digital business model or your smart product.

We have already worked out together a substantial part of this basis in our building block workshops!

The next important building block are case studies. Each project is individual and has to be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Now, we approach your target in several iterations:

  • Which tool does a user want to use to achieve which target (user stories)?
  • Different approaches will be specified.
  • Relevant standards and legal regulations are evaluated. For example: DIN, EN, CE, EMV, DSVG, RED, etc.
  • Possibilities and limits of the different approaches are examined for each variant, e.g.:
    • Data protection and privacy
    • Licensing (Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoraWan)
    • Legal framework (transmission frequencies, max. transmission power, approvals and certifications)
    • Function limits (function, size, weight, power supply, maximum performance, installation location, environment, EX: explosion protection, provider, physical limits, bandwidths, transmission rates, response times …)
    • Development, manufacturing and operating costs
    • Long-term operational and service security
    • and much more …
  • After evaluating the possibilities and restrictions, the best possible variant is determined.
  • Conception based on this selected variant.
  • Review and selection of possible technical implementations.
  • Visualization of the solution concept by 3D models, drawings and screen designs.
  • Together with you, we will now check whether this concept corresponds to your ideas and can be implemented (proof of concept).
  • Specification of the MVP, product cost calculation based on preliminary specifications.
  • Calculation of development, product and operating costs. Estimation of the necessary time frame.

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