A smart MVP is parallelly developed in several components:

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    Devices with IoT functionality could be designed in different ways:

    • Hardware as a printed circuit board with all the necessary functions and interfaces.
    • Independent device in a housing with power supply.
    • Retrofit to replace or upgrade existing devices.
    • As an add-on for integration in or on existing devices.
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    The necessary embedded software

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    Web and/or smartphone connectivity

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    Cloud adaptation, consisting of:

    • API
    • Web-services
    • Interfaces
    • Serverless Functionality
    • Microservices or Monolith
    • Databases
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    User Interface:

    • Web browser via the Internet or AcessPoint function on the devices on site.
    • Smartphone, Tablet or PC-apps

Our production company Winco GmbH

Our production company Winco GmbH produces prototypes very quickly and flexibly for us and takes over the logistics chain for the production of prototypes and all series for you.

Results from the production and testing will be immediately incorporated into the next iteration and transferred to the specification.

For approvals and certifications, such as for instance EMC measurements or RED certification, we work with external partners, such as Veritas, VDE or TÜV-Süd. For larger series, we can do the product management for you to work with suitable EMS service providers.

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